If you are a broker, bank, or other nominee that purchased or otherwise acquired Eletrobras common and/or preferred ADSs between August 17, 2010 and June 24, 2015, both dates inclusive, for the beneficial interest of a person or entity other than yourself (the CUSIP for Eletrobras common ADS was 15234Q207 and the CUSIP for Eletrobras preferred ADS was 15234Q108), then you must either:

  1. Within seven (7) days after receipt of the Notice, provide to the Claims Administrator the name and last known address of each person or entity, (preferably in electronic format (e.g., Excel, csv)) setting forth:
    1. Title/Registration
    2. Street Address
    3. City/State/ZIP
  1. Request, in writing, additional copies of the Notice, which will be provided free of charge, and within seven (7) days after receipt of such Notices, mail the Notice directly to the beneficial owners of the securities referred to in the Notice.

You are entitled to the reimbursement of reasonable expenses actually incurred in connection with the research of records and (1) the generating of labels or electronic media or (2) the mailing of the Notice Packet, after submission to the Claims Administrator of a written request, together with appropriate supporting documentation.

If you are providing a list of names and addresses to the Claims Administrator:

  1. Compile a list of names and last known addresses of beneficial owners of Eletrobras common and/or preferred ADSs (as defined above).
  2. Prepare the list in Microsoft Excel format. A preformatted spreadsheet can be found by clicking here.
  3. Then you must do one of the following:

    1. Upload the spreadsheet here; OR
    2. Email the spreadsheet to; OR
    3. Burn the Microsoft Excel file(s) to a CD or DVD and mail the CD or DVD to:

      In re Eletrobras Securities Litigation
      Claims Administrator
      P.O. Box 2838
      Portland, OR 97208-2838

If you are mailing the Notice Packet to beneficial owners:

If you elect to mail the Notice and Claim Form to beneficial owners yourself, additional copies of the Notice and Claim Form may be requested via email to If you are providing the Notice and Claim Form to beneficial owners, the mailing must be completed within seven (7) business days of your receipt of the Notice and Claim Form from the Claims Administrator. You must also send a statement to the Claims Administrator at the address above confirming that the mailing was made, and you must retain your mailing records for use in connection with any further notices that may be provided in the Action. Failure to timely forward the Notice and Claim Form to beneficial owners may affect their legal rights.

If you are filing electronic claims:

A nominee may also submit a Proof of Claim on behalf of multiple clients who are beneficial owners by following the instructions below.

Click here to download the Claim Form.

Click here to download a properly formatted spreadsheet for submitting your transactions.

You may upload your master Claim Form and completed spreadsheet online here.